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Zebu Cloud API

Trading Updates and Featured Zebull
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Zebu Cloud API

Trading, Updates and Featured, and Zebull | by 1 | on 2020-09-13 07:45

Zebu’s Cloud API is a platform where innovation in trading and investing is the norm. Execute orders in real-time, access live market data, get key insights based on portfolios, and become a smart trader. We open doors to new possibilities and trading opportunities you would never have imagined!

Know that Customization is Power!

Ride high on your success as a trader thanks to the power of customization with Zebull Cloud API. Build on your trading strategies to create a full-fledged trading system that is free of human intervention. With Zebull Cloud API, autonomous trading is no more a mere a possibility– it is a reality!

Multiple Language Support

Bring your unique trading strategy to life through Zebull Cloud API using multiple programming languages, through a medium that is both familiar and comfortable.

Real-time Order Execution

Execute your orders without any latency or delay through Zebull Cloud API, a system that supports all your strategies, no matter how complex your code is.

Integration Support

Integrate multiple input sources to arrive at the right price for trading. Zebull Cloud API supports multiple integrations to ensure that your trading system is truly autonomous.

Simple App Development

Benefit from an easy-to-use programming environment that supports and enhances your development and trading aspirations.


Leave the heavy lifting to us and enjoy the benefits of cost-effective technical support for your software or application.

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