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Zeal to Read

Weekly Newsletter

Zeal to Read

Weekly Newsletter | by 2 | on 2021-06-20 04:55

At Zebu we spend a lot of time reading news and articles that cover a wide range of topics, including investment analysis, psychology, technology, etc. We have been sharing our favourite reads with clients under our weekly Zeal to read.


“The stock market clearly values companies that can deliver disruptive innovation.”
Steve Blank
News you may use

Advance tax collection surges 146%- Net direct tax mop-up zooms 100% till June 15

Appetite for Food Delivery Cos Growing in Smaller Cities Now-Reverse migration and preparedness to deal with lockdowns contributed to trend, say experts

Consumer anxiety at highest levels, less affluent most skeptical about economic outlook: Study

CPI Soars to 6-Month High; WPI Also at Record Peak-RBI may tolerate these levels for a while given concerns over growth: Experts

Direct tax kitty swells 57%, govt gets relief – Low Base Helps, Advance Taxes Grow 2.5X Amid Challenging Times This Fiscal Year

Exports zoom 69% in May; trade deficit rises to $6.3 bn

Fed Holds Rates, Projects Two Hikes by End of 2023-FOMC upgrades inflation projections and sees faster timeframe for hikes; says economic, labour indicators have strengthened

Financial wealth in India jumps 11% in pandemic year to $3.4 trn: Report

Flight ticket bookings gather pace-Travel is looking up as falling cases prompted states to relax restrictions

Flows into gold exchange-traded funds moderate as equities rally

FY22 Revenue figures may boost GDP numbers in first quarter-Direct Tax Mopup Doubles to ₹1.86 L cr-Advance tax collections rose 146% to ₹28,780 cr in Q1, pointing to strong revival expectations ahead

Gold extends fall in India after Fed signals rate hike

Govt eyes dividend windfall from PSUs-Centre mops up ₹26,104 crore dividend from 23 PSUs in FY21

India’s exports up 46% to $14 bn during June 1-14

India’s forex reserves rise $3.07 billion to lifetime high of $608.08 billion

May Exports Up 69% to $32b; Trade Deficit at 8-Month Low – The factors boost comes from engineering, petroleum items, gems and jewellery

MFs raise holdings in state-run banks despite NPA fears

Monsoon covers two-third of India earlier than usual, to accelerate crop sowing

Nod for additional spend of Rs.14K cr on fertiliser subsidies

Oil Rises to 2-Year High as Demand Improves-Demand likely to hit pre-pandemic levels by 2022 end, much earlier than anticipated

Power consumption grows 9.3% in first half of June

RBI cautiously optimistic about economic recovery – Says speed and scale of vaccination would shape the path of recovery

Rupee Turns Volatile on Fed Taper Plan, Rising Oil Prices

Second wave may leave ₹2L cr dent on eco output: RBI – Deposits, Cash Holdings Fall on Rising Health Bills: Report

SIP AUM Hits a Record ₹4.7 L cr in May on Steady Flows, Market Rally-Cumulative inflow from SIP-driven mutual funds into equities over the past six months pegged at around ₹38,000 crore – almost 91% of the total FPI inflow during that period

Smartphone Market Sends Revival Signal-Sales recover faster than expected in the first half of June

Trade recovery: Export’s surge 69% in May on improved demand

Unlock spree gives truck rentals a high – Freight rates have risen 9-14 % in a fortnight but analysts fear road to recovery is long

US Fed rate signal may hit FII inflow into stocks

Views may be of use

Fight the Fade – Round 2
Businesses Fade; its a fact. Market saturation, new competitors, management complacency and poor capital allocation all conspire against business growth. Today, corporate moats are being filled faster than ever as new technologies disrupt and challenge the prospects of what were once unassailable businesses. This process isn’t new. If you look back at the leading stocks of the S&P500 twenty years ago, few companies still hold those positions today. Given enough time, capitalism guarantees the demise of virtually all businesses.
Source: (http://mastersinvest.com/newblog/2020/11/15/fight-the-fade-round-2  )

It Takes More Than Money To Retire Early Interview: Randy
When we think about early retirement, we tend to focus on the money. That’s natural because we need money to retire early. Building up a portfolio is a crucial step to early retirement. When I was trying to retire early, it was all about how much we spend and how much passive income we need. However, it takes more than money to retire early.
Source: (https://retireby40.org/it-takes-more-than-money-to-retire-early-interview-randy/ )

Why I track my spending
Why I track my spending: On the downside, tracking your spending: (1) Makes you sound like the world’s most boring person (2) Isn’t a particularly exhilarating thing to do. But on the plus side, it: (1) Brings you closer to not having to rely on being employed (2) Helps you spend more on things you like (3) Gives you the peace of mind in knowing you’re financially safe (4) Allows you to know how much is “enough”.
Source: (https://occaminvesting.co.uk/why-i-track-my-spending/  )

Zero Knowledge
Our data is everywhere. Names, dates of birth, email addresses, credit card numbers, the addresses we have lived at in the last five years, our mothers’ maiden names… These are just a few of the near infinite bits of information on ourselves that we all fork over every day to companies, social media sites, customer service representatives, and sometimes (unwittingly) to scammers.  The issues with this state of affairs are self-evident. Identity theft, email compromise, data breaches, and other forms of fraud cost individuals and businesses tens of billions of dollars per year and orders of magnitude more than that in spending on defence and prevention. This is not to mention the headaches of dealing with the fallout. The proliferation of data and its associated vulnerability has come to be an accepted cost of doing business as a participant in the modern, interconnected world. We have to trust each other. We have to enter our credit card numbers into websites. We have to send our landlord our credit history. We have to give our bank our social security numbers. And it’s not just us as individuals: companies and institutions have to disclose sensitive information to each other all the time in order to run their businesses. Sharing information and accepting its insecurity is a necessary sacrifice in order for society as we know it to function. But what if there was a way to conduct these interactions and transactions with the same levels of trust and certainty without sharing all of this data? Well, thanks to a tricky little bit of mathematics that even cryptographers refer to as “moon math,” this is possible. Enter: the zero-knowledge proof.
Source: (https://www.notboring.co/p/zero-knowledge  )

9 Money Principles I’d Tell My 17-Year-Old Self
All the money principles might sound obvious, but it’s not obvious or simple to live by what you know. What matters is that you execute these things—even if it’s just one or two things. Every little bit helps. In fact, it’s those small things that will make you wealthier in the next decades.
Source:( https://dariusforoux.com/money-principles/  )

What the early Amazon investors saw
Potential investors in early Amazon would have been easily dissuaded by their sky-high valuations. Yet some prescient investors managed to look past the noise and discovered one of the best performing investments in contemporary stock market history. What did they see? We’ll explore it here.
Source: ( https://valueinvesting.substack.com/p/what-the-early-amazon-investors-saw )

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