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Weekly Newsletter

Zeal To Read

Weekly Newsletter | by 2 | on 2021-07-04 01:32

At Zebu we spend a lot of time reading news and articles that cover a wide range of topics, including investment analysis, psychology, technology, etc. We have been sharing our favourite reads with clients under our weekly Zeal to read.

“I have probably purchased fifty ‘hot tips’ in my career, maybe even more. When I put them all together, I know I am a net loser.”  ― Charles Schwab

News you may use

2nd wave dented recovery, but eco activity up now: RBI-Report – Alerts Banks To Risks From Loans To Small Biz, Retail

Balance at a surplus of 0.9% of GDP – Current A/c Ended FY21 in Surplus, a First in 17 Years

Big Cos Raise $31 b via ECBs in FY21 to Retire Costly Debt

Big Relief, Small Stimulus: Credit boost main plank, fiscal cost just a fraction of Rs 6.29-lakh-crore package

Broadband growth jumps 4x on Covid

Capex plans hit as 2nd wave derails recovery-But covid’s impact on investment decisions in Q1 was lower than last year

Earnings Review:Q4 Bounce: India Inc Beats D-St View with Strong Show

E-way bill generation picks up pace in June

Exports rise to all-time high of $95 billion in June quarter

FM Unveils ₹3.03L Cr Assistance for Discoms

Govt unveils package to tame covid impact-Relief measures target healthcare, tourism, exports, job creation

GST reduced tax rate, increased compliance; more than 66 cr returns filed in 4 years: FinMin

India consumed over 89% of its tea production

Mfg activity contracts for first time in 11 mths

New pandemic package to raise fiscal deficit by 60 bps, opens Rs 70,000-cr new loan window, says report

Online retail set to see its biggest jump in 2021-The segment is expected to clock $55 billion in sales, up 45% from last year

Output of core sectors rises 16.8% due to low-base effect-Data suggest the economy may have bottomed out in May with states unlocking in early June

Petrol sales in June revive to 90% of pre-Covid level

Primary Market Heats Up-Season of IPOs: After 5 in June, It’s 11 in July

Rise in retail activity offsets institutional show – Mkt Participation of FPIs, DIIs Falls to 15-Year Low- In June, market share of institutions in average daily turnover at 30% while that of retail investors at 70%

Rs 1.75 lakh crore disinvestment target on track- Chief Economic Advisor

Views may be of use
4 things an Emergency Fund is NOT
An Emergency Fund is not to replace the carpet on your floor or book a vacation. Before you dip into your Emergency Fund, ask yourself 4 questions: Is it unexpected? Is it urgent? Will it put me at tremendous inconvenience or loss if I do not attend to it? Will I regret not going ahead? The biggest benefit of an Emergency Fund is the peace of mind and financial stability it can provide. If you’re already short on cash, even a single unexpected expense could adversely affect your overall financial health. The true value of it will only become clear when you need it.
Source: https://www.morningstar.in/posts/63874/4-things-emergency-fund-not.aspx

How Software Is Eating the Car
Predictions of lost global vehicle production caused by the ongoing semiconductor shortage continue to rise. In January, analysts forecast that 1.5 million fewer vehicles would be produced as a result of the shortage; by April that number had steadily climbed to more than 2.7 million units, and by May, to more than 4.1 million units. The semiconductor shortage has underscored not only the fragility of the automotive supply chain, but placed an intense spotlight on the auto industry’s reliance on the dozens of concealed computers embedded throughout vehicles today.

Want to Get Rich? Science Says People Most Likely to Build Wealth Possess 5 Personality Traits
Both empirical and conceptual personality research suggests that extraordinarily high achieving individuals may constitute a group that, on average, differs on several personality traits including higher extroversion and conscientiousness, and lower neuroticism, as well as higher narcissism and locus of control.
Where getting rich is concerned, personality clearly matters. But so do behaviors. Like investing in yourself and others. Taking intelligent risks. Doing a lot of small things right, over and over again.

How Your Insecurity Is Bought and Sold
The only real long-term solution is for people to develop enough self-awareness to understand when mass media is prodding at their weaknesses and vulnerabilities and to make conscious decisions in the face of those fears. The success of our free markets has burdened us with the responsibility of exercising our freedom to choose. And that responsibility is far heavier than we often realize.
Source: https://markmanson.net/insecurity

Casualties of Perfection
Cash is an inefficient drag during bull markets and as valuable as oxygen during bear markets, either because you need it to survive a recession or because it’s the raw material of opportunity. Leverage is the most efficient way to maximize your balance sheet, and the easiest way to lose everything. Concentration is the best way to maximize returns, but diversification is the best way to increase the odds of owning a company capable of delivering returns. On and on, if you’re honest with yourself you’ll see that a little inefficiency is the ideal spot to be in. Just like evolution, the key is realizing that the more perfect you try to become the more vulnerable you generally are.
Source: https://www.collaborativefund.com/blog/inefficient/

You’re Richer than you Think
Making more money when you’re already making enough doesn’t provide additional happiness. At least not real happiness. There might be moments here and there, but they’re fleeting.
When you view money this way, it makes you realize that you’re probably richer than you think.
Source: https://theirrelevantinvestor.com/2021/07/01/youre-richer-than-you-think/

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