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Set the conditions in your strategy & leave the rest to us.

Social Trading

Social Trading is what you need if you are new to the market.

Backtesting Engine

When you do backtesting for a single instrument or position, it’s easy to judge how the results look.

Execution Algos

Whatever your strategy, there are four ways to execute it.

How quickly can I start this?

Just 5 minutes. Let’s start. note the time on your watch

Sign up with Zebu <> Tradetron

Click on this link – Connect with Zebu

Choose the Strategy

Go here It’s a simple intraday, long options, stop and reverse strategy which keeps buying calls or puts in the direction of the trend. It has a stop loss of Rs.3000 and a target of Rs.5000 so its limited risk and only requires a capital of Rs.30000 to start.

Get worth of Rs 500 FREE coupon for subscribe the Strategy

Use “Zebu500” and subscribe it.

Deploy to Paper Trading

Go to “My Strategies” page and find the above strategy under “Subscribed”

Click on Deploy. Choose the default settings of “Paper Trading” and “TT-PaperTrading” to begin.

Strategy Performance & Deploy to Live

Monitor the performance, when you are comfortable with the strategy, you can deploy it live in your Zebu account.

To deploying Live trade, you need Tradetron Retail plan, Please subscribe.


Purchasing a Retail plan at Tradetron which costs Rs.1000 per month. You can click here – to know more about their subscription plans.

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