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Brokerage calculator

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Net profit
Transaction charge
SEBI Charge
Stamp Duty
STT total
CTT Total
Total tax & charges
Note : STT Will be higher in case of option exercised & Option Brokerage per lot, single side is Rs. 50

What is brokerage?

A brokerage fee is a fee or commission that a broker charges a client to handle transactions or do specialised work on their behalf. Brokers charge fees for services like buying, selling, consulting, negotiating, and delivery.

How do you use a brokerage calculator?

Calculate your stock order's brokerage and other fees.

It's an online tool that brokers and other investing platforms put at traders' disposal to make brokerage calculations easier before executing a trade.

Input the number of shares or lots, the buying cost and the selling cost to find out the brokerage.

How to calculate brokerage?

As we've already said, brokerage charges are the fees that traders pay to brokers for helping them trade. So, investors have to pay brokerage fees both when they buy and when they sell securities.

Most brokers charge a fee that is a certain percentage of the value of the trade. Depending on the trade value, these percentages could be different. Regardless, the following is the formula for calculating brokerage in the stock market:

Brokerage = Number of shares sold/bought x Price of one unit of stock x brokerage percentage

What are the benefits of a brokerage calculator?

Investors can compare brokers who charge different brokerage fees by using a brokerage calculator. Brokerage calculators give you correct results right away. It takes into account all the costs of taking a trade. It doesn't cost anything.

It is critical for traders who rely heavily on timing to execute their transactions, such as intraday traders. They can use an intraday brokerage calculator to make cost analysis easier before buying and selling stocks

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