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Fixed-deposit calculator

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What is FD?

Banks and other financial organisations in India provide fixed deposits as a financial product. It is regarded as one of the most secure investment options because to its high yields and flexible tenure choices.

Fixed Deposit or FD, often known as a term deposit in banking jargon, is a secure investment choice for achieving a healthy financial portfolio balance. FD Calculator is a tool for determining how much and for how long to invest in fixed-income securities.

What is FD calculator?

A fixed deposit calculator is a tool that estimates the maturity amount an investor might expect at the end of a defined term for a certain deposit amount and the appropriate rate of interest.

A FD calculator is a tool for determining the amount of interest earned on a fixed deposit. The maturity amount is computed using the deposit amount, FD interest rate, and term of the fixed deposit. The maturity amount is what is received at the conclusion of the FD term. It includes all interest generated on the principal (deposit amount).

How is FD maturity amount calculated?

Follow the procedures outlined below to utilise the FD calculator.

Deposit amount must be entered in the first field (Fixed Deposit Amount)
Input the interest rate in the next field (Rate of Interest)
Enter the tenure tenure (the period for which you want FD to be active)
You may enter FD length in either months or years.

Select "Calculate" from the menu. The anticipated maturity amount will appear in the table beneath the FD Calculator. Additionally, you can view the entire interest in the column beside the maturity amount.

Why should you use Zebu’s FD Calculator?

Investing in an FD, like any other financial decision, requires balancing the individual's budget and financial objectives.

The purpose of a fixed deposit is to minimise risk and ensure returns. Investing in the market (such as stock mutual funds) carries a substantial risk. Your investment in FDs can sustain losses, if any, to a certain extent. To accomplish this, you must know how much to deposit into an FD account. This can be simply estimated using Zebu's FD Calculator.

A fixed deposit calculator can also be used to compare the various FD programmes provided by banks and other financial institutions. One can determine which scheme offers the highest returns over the desired time period.

What are the benefits of Zebu’s FD calculator?

Here are some of the primary advantages of using the FD Calculator on Zebu:

No room for error, as it is an automatic calculator.
Customers can use the tool several times and compare returns for various combinations of FD rates, tenure, and amount without incurring any costs.

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