Inactive Account

Definition The client those who dose not execute any trades during last 12 months across exchanges and segments will be considered as inactive.

Treatment of Inactive Clients Calculation will be done at the beginning of every month and those clinets who have not traded even a single time will be considered as inactive, the commodities / securities / credit ledger balance if any will be transferred to the client bank account / demat accounnt before marking the client as inactive.

Reactivation of Inactive Account The client has to make written request for reactivation of their account. Such dormant accounts are blocked from trading until re-activation.The client cannot place an order from the inactive account unless the blockage is cleared.

Treatment of Non Traceable Client Funds We ZEBU will settle the idle funds available in the client's ledger those who dose not executed any trade inpast 30 days as per the recent regulatory changes or running account settlement cycle (30/90 days) opted by the client at the time of account opening. In case the fubds(s) is/are returned back to us due to any issue with the client's bank account such funds will be kept separately. We ZEBU opened and kept separate bank account for this purpose.