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NPS Calculator

Principal amount
Interest Rate (p.a.)
Tenure period
Returns on annuity
Annuity ammount
Principal Amount
Interest Earned
Pension Wealth
After Retirement
Lumpsum amount
Pension per month

With this calculator, you can figure out how much you will get from your pension and lump sum when you retire. The choice you have to make is how much to put into the NPS each month. The more money you put into investments, the more money you can save, and the bigger the pension would be in the long run. NPS is a good way to save for retirement because of the power of monthly compounding.

NPS is a defined-contribution plan. It lets the NPS subscriber put money into their NPS account on a regular basis while they work. The money saved can be used to buy an annuity in the future. The scheme is made to be a long-term method for all Indian citizens to have enough money to live on when they retire.

What is the NPS calculator?

The NPS calculator lets you figure out how much you will get each month and all at once when they retire. The calculation is based on the monthly contribution, the expected annual rate of return on the investment, the percentage of the corpus that is used to buy an annuity, and the expected annual rate of return on the annuity.

How to Use the NPS Calculator?

Age of retirement

Investment amount

Expected returns

Percentage of corpus used to purchase annuity

Annuity rate

Once you put in these numbers, our calculator will figure out how much you will get as a pension and as a lump sum when you retire.

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