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Zebull Mobile

Convenience is King

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Trade on-the-go with the powerful and feature-rich Zebull Mobile application. Zebull Mobile was developed to suit the needs of the modern trader. The application’s user-friendly technology delivers a simple and convenient trading experience.

Trade instantly and effectively with advanced charting capabilities and all kinds of order type functionalities.

Benefit from a sensible and easy single-touch method to add the futures contract and option chain of a stock.

Log in once and connect from your smartphone at any time of the day, without the need to login again.

Add your favourite and most-traded indices to the Index Watch to enable faster trading.


Zebull web

Trading Has Never Been Simpler

Become an expert trader with Zebull Web, a feature-rich web application that prioritizes usability to make trading and investing effortless and smooth.

Bring your strategies to life with accurate and advanced charts.

Access order types for all kinds of situations and opportunities – Normal, BO (an order type in which risk and reward are automatically managed by the system), CO, AMO.

Log in once for the day and enjoy easy access throughout the session

Add your favourite and most-traded indices to your Index Watch for faster reference and trading.


Zebull Smart Trader

Trade Like A Pro

Zebull Smart Trader is a simple and intuitive desktop based trading software with a range of powerful features for the most demanding trader. It integrates seamlessly with Zebu’s trading platform, allowing you to carry out your own analysis and place your orders in a single window.

Access real-time data of indices, securities, derivatives and commodities in a smooth and efficient console

Get the A-Z of how the market behaves on a daily basis, with a fully loaded window of information.

Gain a holistic view of any stock with powerful and zero-lag data

Benefit from customisable workspaces with improved insights and easy navigation.

Stay ahead of the market with unbiased news about economic events and results.

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Customization is Power

Ride high on the power of customization with Zebull Cloud API. Build on your trading strategies to create a full-fledged trading system that is free of human intervention. With Zebull Cloud API autonomous trading is now possible more easily than ever.

Bring your unique trading strategy to life through Zebull Cloud API using multiple programming languages, through a medium that is familiar and comfortable.

Execute your orders without any latency or delay through Zebull Cloud API, a system that supports all your strategies, no matter how complex your code is.

Integrate multiple input sources to arrive at the right price for trading. Zebull Cloud API supports multiple integrations to ensure that your trading system is truly autonomous

Zebu GO

Skyrocket your reputation

ZebuGO is an easy-to-use order generator application built to help Zebu’s Partners to engage more effectively with their clients. As a Zebu Partner, you can earn more by making it fast and simple for your clients to place orders against the trading tips you send them.

Enable your clients to trade more easily than ever by sending action buttons along with your trading tip messages.

Help traders to place orders instantly without needing to open a separate application, ensuring that they benefit the most from your advice.

Earn more as you build trust with your customers and they place orders more frequently based on your trading tips.

Back Office

Insights for success

Acquire a bird’s eye of your performance, and file tax returns more easily with Zebu’s centralised dashboard for comprehensive and in-depth analytics and reports on all your trades and investments.


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