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The asset class with the highest returns

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As a trader or an investor, the equity market gives you a slice of ownership and the potential to realize gains on your deployed capital based on the future performance of companies.

Take advantage of the highest returns compared to other asset classes, including gold and real estate.

Scale your profits through the power of compounding your returns.

Mobile trading is the future of the equity market, and is the most convenient option for traders and investors.

In addition to the increasing stock price, enjoy profits from dividends, splits, and bonuses.

Apart from your other assets, adding shares of well-performing companies can add significantly to your wealth.

Broaden Your Scope For Profits

Trade Futures.

A futures contract is a legally binding agreement to buy or sell a particular share or commodity at a predetermined price, at a predetermined date.

Reduce the capital you put in to acquiring a contract to 10% of the actual investment. Futures are highly leveraged instruments.

Deploy a high amount of capital in the futures segment without affecting the price of an instrument, especially index futures like Nifty and Banknifty.

When trading on leveraged instruments, any profit you make on the total cost of the contract will be magnified and reflected on your actual capital deployed.

Enjoy the Freedom of an

Options Contract!

Options contracts give the buyer the right to, without the obligation to buy (for call option) or sell (for put options), the underlying asset at the predetermined strike price before the date of its expiry.

Minimise risks by hedging your position in the futures market. This way, during any large unidirectional movement of price against your position, your capital is protected by the profits in your options trade.

Precisely determine the movement of a stock to double or even triple your capital in a single day, using options trading.

Enjoy the results of premium price options contracts, acquired with capital as less as INR 1,000 per lot.

Enhance Your Earnings

Trade Currencies.

Our Indian currency’s relationship with the US Dollar or any other country’s currency is traded as a contract in the Forex markets. Currently,  we allow the trades for USD-INR, EUR-INR, GBP-INR, JPY-INR. The movement in the price of currency contracts is determined by global cues like war, trades, and others.

Capitalize on a lucrative opportunity to earn when equipped with knowledge about geopolitical scenarios.

Got more time to spend on trading? Currency trading is the right option for you. Since it can happen across countries and time zones, the sessions are longer than the equity market.

Currency derivatives are highly leveraged instruments which require very little margin from your end for every contract.

Cut down on transaction charges. Compared to other asset classes, trading in the currency market requires very low transaction charges, enabling you to retain your profits.

Broaden Your Portfolio

Trade Commodities.

Investing in the commodities market can help you diversify your portfolio beyond traditional assets.

Invest in precious and reliable metals like gold— it can help you stay insulated against the effects of inflation.

Invest in commodities future and hedge against any depreciation in value of your raw goods. This is particularly useful if your primary business deals with manufacturing based on procured raw materials.

Profit from any moves you are speculating by raising a small capital amount. Intraday trades for the commodities market are leveraged.

Protect your trading interests. Since the fluctuations in the price of a commodity are caused by international conditions, environmental factors and other concerns, it is almost impossible to rig the commodities market.

Minimize Risks, Maximize Profits

Through Mutual Funds

A mutual fund is a professionally managed investment pool that contains capital from several investors. It is best suited for individuals who are looking for a low risk – low reward setup from their portfolio. Depending on your risk appetite, your fund manager will split your investment with weights into stocks, bonds, commodities, and other instruments.

Start off with low capital and allow it to grow over several years.

Limit your capital’s exposure to risk by allowing it to be split between a diverse list of instruments.

Benefit from the extensive knowledge of experienced fund managers who will be responsible for handling your funds.

Choose the most efficient way to improve the returns on your capital by investing in Mutual Funds. It is the most sensible option if you’re hard-pressed for time.

Enjoy Success as a Positional Trader or Investor

Through IPOs

In an IPO or Initial Public Offering, a private corporation can issue their stocks to the public. For the companies, IPOs are the best way to raise capital from the public. This transition of a company from private to public is a crucial time for private investors to realize gains on their returns. 

Capitalize on the chance to enter early as an investor in companies with promising growth backed by reputed promoters.

Enhance your profits from being a positional trader. At the time of IPO, the share prices are relatively cheaper, making them ideal for short-term gains.

Identify a company which is poised to grow once public investment hits their accounts and your investment is secure. You’re in it for the long-haul.


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