5 Things To Keep In Mind Before Trading In Futures and Options


Those who want to become derivative traders have a lot to gain from trading options and futures. Most of the time, people jump into FnO trading without knowing how it is different from trading on the spot market. If you've been thinking about trading futures and options, here are 5 things you need to know before entering the derivative markets. The best way to keep a track on your losses is to have the right tools in place and as one of the experienced brokerage firmsin India we have the best trading accounts for our users and offer lowest brokerage fees. 1. Your losses aren't limited to the money you put up as a margin When you trade on the spot market, the most you can lose is the amount of money you put in. In futures trading and options trading, on the other hand, you pay margins that are a lot smaller than the amount of capital you are putting at risk. This makes it easier to lose track of how big your possible loss really is. Before you start FnO trading, it's helpful to remember this. 2. Liquidity is easy to forget about When they first start trading options and futures, many traders don't realise how important liquidity is. So, be careful not to make the same mistake. Even though it's important to have a good options trading strategy or futures trading strategy, it's just as important to make sure that the derivatives you're trading in are liquid enough to support an exit. 3. Moneyness of options This is something you really need to know before you start trading options. Out-of-the-money (OTM) options may be cheaper, but they often aren't liquid enough, which is a big problem. So, the best chance isn't always the one that costs the least. Make sure you find a good balance between affordability, profit, and cash flow. 4. You can use FnO trading to hedge There are risks that come with trading in FnO. Beginners should always use a futures trading strategy or an options trading strategy along with a regular trade so that the FnO trade can protect the regular trade. This way, you can lessen the risk and learn more about how the derivative market works at the same time. 5. Trading plans are important In derivatives trading, FnO trading strategies are very important. Different plans work best in different situations. For example, you can use covered calls if you're worried about how much it will cost to keep a call on hold. On the other hand, if you want to make more money if the price goes down, you can use protective puts. Also, keep in mind that complicated and multi-layered plans are usually more expensive. So, before you start trading FnO, make sure you remember these things. For beginners, it's helpful to have a reliable tool or platform to use, especially when it comes to making and analysing strategies. Here, our advanced options trading platform, Zebull, can come in handy. If you want to get into the derivatives market, you should check it out and use the helpful features. Don’t lose out on a chance to have the right tools in place, as one of the experienced brokerage firms in India we have the best trading accounts for our users and offer lowest brokerage fees.