Questions To Ask Before You Invest In A Stock


Investing by yourself for the first few times can become very intimidating, very quick. But considering that taking charge of your finances is the way for independence, it is importantto invest wisely and take risks as per your comfort level. Before you invest in a company, you need to understand the fundamentals of a business. If you invest without doing your homework, you are simply gambling. We would also suggest that you ignore WhatsApp recommendations, YouTube recommendations or any other opinion you do not trust. Another important factor to consider is the platform you use to analyse stocks and start investing. We suggest that you trust one of the best brokerage firms in the country like Zebu. As a top broker in the share market , we have created one of the best stock trading platforms, for you to use and invest. So, before you acquire a share in which you want to invest, here are a few questions to ask. Remember, this isn't research - it's pre-research. These questions are vital and fundamental - far from complete, but a good place to start! What is the company's line of business? What does the company do? You should have a circle of competency if Warren Buffett does. Indigo Airlines is a carrier, Asian Paints is a paint manufacturer, and HDFC Bank is a bank. Well, none of the stuff is really simple to comprehend, but it is simple to express. Do not purchase if you do not understand what a BPCL or a Bajaj Finance is. If you have to buy something, you should know what it does. Before you buy a stock, the first step is to understand what the company does. Is the company paying a dividend or, at the very least, paying income tax? A retail investor should avoid investing in companies that are yet to generate a profit. Allow venture capitalists to invest in turnaround companies; it is a distinct kind of skill that you, as a beginner, might not have. The company will pay dividends shortly if it is profitable and paying income taxes, so you may relax. To be even safer, only invest in firms that offer dividends. At the very least, you know that the cash flows you witness are real. What has been the company's track record? Take a look at the last two years. Examine the quarterly reports, as well as the balance sheet and director's reports over the previous three years. Check to see if the company could glimpse into the future and foresee what will happen. Take a look at what they said and did. See if you can determine whether the company's success was due to luck or strategy. It won't be easy but you can start with the basics of fundamental analysis to understand a few of the company’s numbers. What is the Price Earnings that it is quoting? A PE of 24 or above is considered excessive. Of course, some companies with a lower PE are accessible, and they may also be growing slowly. So, instead of 24, search for a pe that is about 17. Remember that the market might stay at a new high PE for a long time, leading you to believe that "this is the new normal" — using PE is a double-edged sword, but it's a good place to start. What are the rivals' names and prices? If you're looking for Asian Paints, you'll also come across Berger Paints. Coming away thinking "these are two fantastic companies" will be challenging, if not impossible. So, if you notice that the entire industry has a high PE, you might want to reconsider your position on the industry and its valuation. Is this company the market leader in its industry? Is it a niche player in a crowded market? Is it a monopolistic sector dominated by a single corporation, or is it a fragmented industry where even the largest player controls less than 10% of the market, like D'Mart and other supermarkets do? Also, keep an eye on the competitors from other countries. Who is in charge of the business? You could favour family-owned businesses with competent management and strong family values, such as Cholamandalam and Asian Paints. That isn't to suggest that ITC isn't a successful company. Or that Equitas will be poorly administered by a group of pals who have known each other for many years! What is the dividend policy? If you acquire a PSU share, the government could go after the company for a large payout. As a result, you benefit as well. However, some businesses may elect to preserve a large part for future usage, so be cautious. Have you noticed any red signs recently? Is a director being charged for failing to pay taxes? any other criminal or social blunders/frauds? In these cases, keep your distance. There are 9000 businesses on the stock exchange. Approximately 5000 of them are occasionally spotted. Around 200 have reliable financial statements. Your investment needs could be more than met with these 200 companies. We would also suggest choosing from the top 100 stocks on the NSE or the top 200 stocks on the BSE. With these questions as the basis for your investment decisions, the next step is to understand the basics of fundamental analysis. At Zebu, we are working on a short and cript fundamental analysis guide that can help you understand a company. As a top broker in the share market, we have created the best stock trading platform for you to invest wisely. Our tool is designed to help investors and traders analyse a company with a wide range of indicators and screeners as per your strategy. As one of the best brokerage firms in the country, we invite you to open a trading and investment account with us.