The Art Of Averaging


In the stock market, averaging is a group of trading strategies that use the basic principle of lowering or raising your share prices to deal with market changes. There are many different types of averaging strategies that a trader can use in different types of markets. For example, in an early bull market, the price of your stock can drop because of averaging. When strong fundamentals like an increase in PAT and steady revenue growth help, one can add to their stock holdings in small amounts. In a down market, on the other hand, an averaging strategy is used to lower one's risk of losing money, which makes the units bought more profitable. So, averaging is not just for losing trades. You can use this guide to learn about the different ways you can average your stocks out. Averaging involves executing a number of trades before you exhaust your capital. That is why you need the best online trading company that provides you with the best stock trading platform. We at Zebu find that it is our obligation to provide our traders with the best trading accounts so that they can average their investments with ease. Here are some of the different averaging strategies used by traders in the stock market. 1. Average down This is one of the most common ways to average. It is done by buying more shares after the price of the stock drops after the first one is bought. This means that the average cost of all the shares you own goes down. This also means that the breakeven point goes down, which makes it easier to make money. This is shown in the following example. Here is an example: Ramesh and Suresh think that ITC's stock price is going to rise. Assume that both of them have a capital of Rs 1 lakh and need to make a profit of Rs 5,000. Ramesh invests a lump sum of Rs 1,00,000 in ITC at 100 (1000 shares). For him to make a profit of Rs 1,500, ITC needs to move up to 105. Suresh, on the other hand, expects some volatility in the stock for the short term. So he invests Rs 50,000 at 100 (500 shares), Rs 25,000 at 98 (255 shares) and Rs 25,000 at 96 (260 shares). HE has averaged down and holds 1015 shares at an average of 98.47. For Suresh to make a profit of Rs 1,500, ITC's share price needs to move just to Rs 103.44. In this scenario, Suresh has clearly made a better decision since he divided his capital to buy the shares at lower prices. In other words, he has averaged his cost for a better risk-reward ratio. 2. Average up A lot of people use the strategy of averaging up when the market is going up, which is called a "bull market." Traders use this strategy if they know that the original trend of the stock is still going strong and has a lot of room for growth. Ramesh, who thinks ITC stock is going to rise, buys 100 shares at 1,660. In the next few days, let's say that the price of ITC stock rises from this point. Now that he's sure he's right, Ramesh buys 100 shares each at a price of 1960 and 2250. As Ramesh thought the stock would go up at these prices, he took his total transaction cost to 5,87,000. If you want to buy 300 shares of XYZ, this is how you can improve your conviction. Suresh had the same bullish expectation and didn't average up his position and was left with his initial 100 shares instead. At the end of ITC's bull run, Ramesh will be left with more profits than Suresh. Another important averaging technique is the Pyramid strategy. Traders average by breaking down their position size by investing a larger sum at the first price and keep reducing their quantity of shares as the price moves as per their expectations. However, it is a very risky strategy reserved only for experienced traders. For the sake of capital protection, we will not be getting into a detailed explanation of the strategy. To sum up, averaging is a common way to trade in the stock market. It means scaling up or down on the price of a share to handle the volatility of the market. Since it can become complex if it is not executed properly, you need the best trading accounts to average your trades and investments. As a leading online trading company, we provide you with the best stock trading platform to average effortlessly.