Things To Expect From An Advanced Trading Platform


As a trader, we understand that you need the right features where features continuously simplify the process of executing your strategy. It's also important to have access to advanced features on your trading platform that can help you make better investment decisions and improve your overall trading experience. Let’s discuss the advanced features that the trader and investor of today deserve. And we’ll also make the case for why you should choose our latest creation Mynt - a highly advanced and feature-packed trading and investing platform that lets you do those things more confidently and easily. Firstly, biometric authentication is a feature that has become increasingly popular in recent years. We have enabled biometric authentication in MYNT's web and mobile applications, allowing clients to login without needing to use a username or password from the second time they access the platform. Additionally, MYNT web and MYNT mobile have OTP, TOTP, and authenticator features that comply with exchange norms. Secondly, having access to different types of market watches can be incredibly helpful as it helps reduce the time it takes to load a huge number of scripts into a market watch. MYNT offers three types of market watch: normal, predefined, and index. The normal market watch is customizable, while the predefined market watch automatically fetches information from the client's holdings. The index market watch allows clients to view all the index data for NSE, BSE, and MCX with a separator. Thirdly, it's important to have different types of orders available to you to help you reduce the time it takes to execute a default type of trade. MYNT offers GTT orders and multi-leg orders from the market watch. Additionally, MYNT provides clients with depth information, including 52-week highs and lows, and FO data, as well as pivot levels for each script. Also, you can add your favourite template for trading like the number of lots or capital so that they are pre-loaded in the order window when you trade. Fourthly, MYNT offers an option chain feature with 5, 10, and 15 sticks of data for FNO scripts on upcoming expires. Additionally, MYNT offers advanced Tradingview chart features, such as multiple charts on the same window, and the ability for clients to place trades directly from the chart. This means that you can access indicators and charts available in the largest library for traders. Fifthly, MYNT offers a cash SIP feature that allows clients to invest systematically on particular stocks based on their investment amount and number of stocks on desired dates every year, month, week, or day. You can simply enter the details like the name of the stock and the number of shares or the amount of money you want to spend and Mynt will take care of the rest. Finally, MYNT provides clients with market movers information, such as top gainers, top losers, most volumed, and most active by value for all segments. Clients can trade these market movers directly without having to add them to their watchlists. In conclusion, these are just some of the advanced features that every trader deserves in a trading platform. MYNT offers all of these features and more, making it a top choice for traders. MYNT is launching on 6th March, and we encourage traders to give it a try and see how these features can improve their trading experience.