Monthly vs Yearly SIP Investing: Which is Better?


Now that you've learned everything there is to know about SIP investing, the big issue is: what is the ideal investment tenure? Should you make a monthly or annual SIP investment? Though many individuals are familiar with monthly SIPs, they are less familiar with annual SIPs. Assume Mr. A sets aside a portion of his monthly salary for the SIP investment before paying any other costs. He doesn't have to worry about the investment frequency as long as his cash flow and investment frequency are both the same. It gets tough when he does not have a consistent cash flow because his investments will suffer. In such cases, he may want to explore a yearly SIP investment. People who are unable to make decisions based on what suits them and what does not can use basic calculations before making a decision. There are a number of SIP calculators online that can help you compare returns based on whether you invest monthly or annually. The calculations are based on the mutual fund's NAV history, and the results can be derived for any investment period if the NAV data for that period is available. Are you also interested in other investment opportunities that can give you high returns? Then consider Zebu to get started, as a reputed share broker company we offer lowest brokerage options and a seamless online trading platform to help you with your investment journey. Which SIP Investment yields the highest returns? It is widely assumed that more disciplined SIP investment yields higher returns. Regular investing will help you stay on top of market volatility because you will be investing at both high and low points. The average outcome will be perfect. If the market rises on the date of the investment for a SIP investment with a large gap between investment times, you will lose out on the rewards. On the other hand, if you are investing on a daily basis, you do not need to be concerned with market movement or keep a close eye on it. This is because you invest on a regular basis and the market is available to you at all times. When it comes to returns, the longer the investment time, the less variation there will be in the return value, regardless of the tenure you choose. According to research, the difference between daily, monthly, and quarterly SIP investments is only 1 to 2 percentage points. Even while daily SIP investments have always yielded higher returns, they have always been marginal. Cash Flow and SIP Investment SIP investments should always be assigned to your cash flow and income, as we've said many times before. A monthly SIP should be the most convenient option for salaried folks because they receive their pay on a monthly basis and can invest on a regular basis. They can easily provide their banks an ECS command to ensure that money is deducted from their accounts on a specific date. It's best to keep the debit for the first week of each month so that you can prepare for the rest of your expenses. They must ensure that they have sufficient finances to make the SIP investment on a daily basis and that the investment is not stopped. The key benefit of having a daily SIP investment is that it allows you to average your investment costs. However, daily SIP investments are generally not suggested for a variety of reasons. The most typical reason is that your bank may refuse to transfer funds from your account on a daily basis. Second, there is a danger that you will miss a payment, which will jeopardise your investment. The last and most essential one is that calculating the tax due to capital gains will be a major headache. Because quarterly SIPs are not adept at capturing market changes, it is best to stick to monthly SIPs. Having a daily SIP investment can also result in 25-30 bank transfer entries, which might be difficult to keep track of. As a result, the best time to invest in SIPs is on a monthly basis. Risk Factor When selecting a SIP investment option, it's important to consider the risk factor as well as the cash flow factor. The lower the SIP investment frequency, the greater the danger, because the market will vary and you will be unable to keep track of it. The frequency with which you invest should be determined by your willingness to incur risks. In such cases, monthly SIP investment is usually recommended because it gives you an advantage over other tenures, as well as the benefit of averaging rupee cost and assisting with cash flow management. Even if you receive a large sum, stay organised and invest wisely. At the end of the day, the decision is yours to make, and you have a greater understanding of your wealth objectives. As a reputed share broker company we offer lowest brokerage options and a seamless online trading platform to help you with your investment journey. Contact Zebu to know more on how to get started on your share market investment journey.