What Exactly Is Insider Trading?


The purpose of investing in stocks and other securities is to accumulate wealth. For some investors, the sooner this aim is met, the better. Traders develop techniques to trade that maximize their profit in the field of trading, particularly when trading equities and shares. Of course, when trading is taking place, the stock markets and exchanges have their fair share of malpractice, and some traders will go to considerable measures to make a profit. Insider trading, as the term implies, is trading by people who have insider knowledge of a company's stock and its trends. Before we get into more about insider trading, it is important to know that you need to analyse them for maximum profits. At Zebu, one of the fastest-growing brokerage firms in the country, we have created the best Indian trading platform with the lowest brokerage for intraday trading If you would like to simplify your option trading game, we are here to help you out. 1. How insider trading works Insider trading is defined as trading in stocks, such as bonds and equities, by specified corporate 'insiders' who have unique access to information. Simply put, these insiders are aware of a unique security before any information about it reaches the general public. Insider trading occurs when insiders invest in equities while the general public is unaware of the stock. If such trade is discovered by regulatory authorities, the 'insider' will face severe consequences. 2. When is it Illegal to Trade Insider Information? According to SEBI laws, the Securities and Exchange Board of India, or SEBI, is strongly opposed to insider trading. The fact that insider trading offers some investors an unfair edge in the stock market is the explanation behind the practice being labeled as "illegal." Insider trading is usually done by people who, as a result of their job, have exclusive access to specific types of strategic information about a company's shares. Knowing a company's private information can have a big impact on whether you invest and make money or not. Insiders, for example, may know if a company's quarterly results will reveal a large profit, causing stock prices to rise. They can take advantage of this by investing a large sum of money in the stock in question, nearly ensuring a large profit. Insider trading is regarded criminal from this perspective. Insider trading, on the other hand, is not unlawful when investors buy stocks and all concerned investors are aware of certain information that has an impact on their trading profit or loss. 3. Which Information is insider information? Material information regarding a stock or a firm in the trading world refers to any information that could have a major impact on a trader's or investor's decision to trade (buy or sell) specific securities. Non-public information is information that is not formally available to the public. Insiders use substantial information that is not available to the general public to gain an unfair advantage in trading. Insider trading is prohibited regardless of how the information was obtained or whether the 'insider' is employed by the company. As an example, suppose a friend tells you about insider information (non-public information). This information is then passed on to a family member. On the said stock, the family member trades using this knowledge. In such a circumstance, all three parties implicated might face criminal charges or severe penalties. As we mentioned before, investing or trading you need the right tools. We at Zebu offer the best Indian trading platform and the lowest brokerage for intraday trading. As one of the best brokerage firms in the country, we have created a powerful trading platform that makes investing easy for you. To know more about its features, please get in touch with us now.