Why You Should Invest In US-based Stocks


We Indians use apps like Google, Amazon, and Instagram on a daily basis in today's digital environment. A Dell or MacBook laptop is likely to be used by you or someone you know. Many of the world's largest corporations, including these, are headquartered in the United States but have a global presence. Have you thought about investing in such high-growth businesses but are hesitant due to their location? Let's have a look at some of the benefits of investing in US stocks as an Indian. For when you consider investing or trading in the share market, we at Zebu, a share trading company offer the lowest brokerage for intraday trading and are one of top brokers in share market. 1. Access to multinational corporations All of the major technology businesses, such as Google and Apple, as well as well-known brands like Nike and Starbucks, are based in the United States. Another thing that all of these US businesses have in common is that they are all global. These businesses are well-known all across the world. The US equities market has a market value of $47.32 trillion due to its global prominence, while the Indian equity market has a market capitalization of $3.21 trillion. As a result, investing in these businesses can help you broaden your horizons. 2. Fractional Shares The current price of an Apple stock is 173 dollars or nearly 12,500 Rupees. Similarly, an Amazon stock currently costs 3321 dollars or over 2.3 lakh rupees. One could argue that US stocks are overvalued and not a long-term investment. However, one fantastic feature of the US stock market is the ability to buy fractional shares. Let's say you only have Rs. 20,000. You can put Rs 5,000 into each of your four favorite American companies, and so on. This characteristic of fractional shares allows investors to spread their money across a number of companies. You need not own an entire share. 3. Expanding your horizons Political unrest, elections, budget cuts, and natural calamities can have a significant impact on a country's stock market. Diversifying your holdings is a fantastic way to protect your investments from a sudden drop. While gold and bonds can help you diversify your portfolio, investing in US equities can help you diversify your portfolio while also setting you up for potentially good profits. 4. The monetary value When you buy equities in the United States, you are doing so in dollars. Today's dollar-to-rupee exchange rate is 76.33. Half a decade ago, it was much less. When compared to the rupee, the US dollar has gained by more than 18% in the last five years. When you invest in US equities, you're not just betting on the stock's worth, but also on the value of the dollar. If the value of the dollar rises against the rupee, so does the value of your investment. 5. Global Reach We live in a world that needs technology to emerge every year. The United States is endowed with resources and draws talented minds from throughout the globe. Companies in the United States are always inventing to offer revolutionary solutions to the market. Companies like Tesla, Meta, and Amazon have been working on disruptive solutions in numerous fields in recent years. You can join this wave of innovation by investing in such US enterprises. Conclusion Portfolio diversification is critical for any investor. For an Indian investor looking to invest in global companies and innovative solutions, US stocks are a good choice. And with Zebu, you can do that with ease. We at Zebu, a share trading company make it easier for you to invest in the share market by offering the lowest brokerage for intraday trading and are one of top brokers in share market.