Things To Learn From PayTM IPO


Paytm is a startup that has gained a lot of attention for the way it has made it possible for Indians to recharge their phones and pay their bills online. Vijay Sharma, the founder, is the face of pure inspiration. He is a typical 'small-town lad' who had huge goals and worked late to build his firm. Many in the industry were looking forward to Paytm's first public offering (IPO), but it fell short of expectations and disappointed most investors. However, like with any failure, there are lessons to be gained from the Paytm IPO disaster, which should be remembered when investing in future IPOs. Are you planning to invest? Before you start investing, it is important that you do so with one of the best share brokers in the country. At Zebu, we have the lowest brokerage for investments and also support you with a highly advanced online trading platform to help you analyse stocks and execute your trades. The history Investing in an IPO should be a well-considered decision, and investors should do their homework before devoting cash to any IPO, whether it is a well-known firm or not. The prospect of an IPO was clearly attractive in the case of Paytm, and the company's exponential growth after demonetization is well documented. However, the corporation did make several mistakes, which analysts now recognize. Some of the corporate transitions, for example, were savvy and took advantage of opportunities, while others were risky. Learning Lesson Many experts consider Paytm to be a very new-age business strategy. As a result, the same experts think that when investors choose to join into any transactions with such firms in mind, such as making IPO investments, they must understand the company's dynamics, understand prospective valuations, and evaluate the company's future plans and growth strategy. As a result, investors who invest in an IPO cannot blame the IPO's failure on their own lack of understanding prior to investing. The most important thing to remember when investing in an initial public offering (IPO) is to be tremendously confident in the firm. Second, a small number of radical businesses/companies have specialty technology and market share. Although some companies do well, such as Zomato and Nykaa, some do not have such blockbuster lists. The Paytm IPO was expected to be a blockbuster, but values were pushed well past their limitations. Investors frequently make mistakes in how they evaluate a firm and base their assumptions on that, rather than conducting a thorough fundamental analysis. Educate yourself and make wise investments. Paytm's stock plummeted by 58 percent after the business was listed on the stock exchange. It went from a $20 billion valuation to a meager $7.8 billion valuation. Now, the company is frantically trying to persuade investors of its steady growth trajectory in the hopes of regaining some funds. However, when it comes to IPO investment, people aren't thinking about Paytm because the company's mounting expenses and a global sell-off of its stock have cast a pall over its future prospects. Going forward, the most important lesson is to understand the business and then the valuation. If it does not seem fair to you, do not put your hard-earned money into it. Two of the most important checklists for first-time traders and investors are the right online trading platform and the lowest brokerage for investments. As one of the best share brokers in the country, we at Zebu will give you all of this and more. To know more about our services and products, please get in touch with us now.